Robotics Championship

Promoting STEM, challenging minds.

Eko Robotics Championship is a trademark event of Tanteeta Dynamics and Technologies Limited.
It is an event that seeks to educate and inspire young people across Africans to innovate, collaborate, and drive real-world solutions to Africa’s pressing challenges through the use of home-built technology.
The championship is designed for young people in Africa, providing a unique convergence and ecosystem to advance the use of Artificial Intelligence, Internet of things, Software development, and Robotics to make positive change happen.
Nigeria and Africa as a whole cannot be left behind as the world continues to evolve speedily in tech. We have the young talents and the capacity to learn, so we have no excuse not to discover and encourage young innovators who are making.
The Eko Robotics Championship is therefore a platform for discovering, showcasing, inspiring, and rewarding young people who are using design thinking and technology to solve Africa’s problems.
The narrative

ERC 2022

The theme: SMART CITIES.

This is born out of an awareness of the current state of security in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. Nigeria is ranked on the list of high-risk countries, significantly increasing the security concerns of the country.
In the last six years, it is reported that Nigerian has spent over N6 trillion on security, yet the threats persist. Our goal this year is to place security at the forefront! Therefore, at the Eko Robotics Championship, participants will be building robotics solutions to help tackle various issues of insecurity in Nigeria and Africa at large.
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