Why Eko
Robotics Championship

Promoting STEM, challenging minds.

Eko Robotics Championship (ERC) is an initiative aimed at employing an inclusive approach to scale the impact of Robotics Education across West Africa and to increase students' interest and involvement in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) by engaging them in a yearly hands-on robotics engineering games and contests.
Our goal is to use ERC as a positive reinforcement for kids, teenagers, educators and parents to embrace STEM education. We are creating a vibrant community with a focus around propelling students' involvement in solving societal problems using technology.
At the heart of this initiative is the desire to provide our children with hope, inspiration, and skill, not just for today but also for tomorrow. We scale up our impact by bringing together young students from the upscale parts of the continent and the hinterlands; from the low-income communities in Lagos to the high paying schools in Accra and Abuja to foster collaboration for success.
We aim to achieve this success without discriminating between the classes of society by providing affordable technological tools and free registration for all participants.
We are positive that their participation and experience at the Eko Robotics Championship will encourage and spark their interest to provide real-life and grass-root solutions to grass-root problems. With an increased motivation and heightened social consciousness, we are confident that they will be able to develop soft skills that are crucial to their survival in the fourth industrial revolution while experiencing totally diverse forms of learning.

Why Eko?

From the city’s inspiring skyline to the boisterous energy and enterprise of its people, Lagos embodies the spirit of the Eko Robotics Championship. To this end, we have decided to kick-start West Africa’s premier Robotics Championship in the city.
At the Eko Robotics Championship, students, teachers, school owners, parents, partners, policymakers, and tech enthusiasts around the country will leverage the vibrancy of Lagos to birth a unique tech ecosystem that embodies a long-term change.

What is important

Scale: We want more African young people to learn tech skills.
Inclusiveness: We want to include more young people from all backgrounds.
Impact: We want young people to apply their tech skills to change their communities.
Fun: We want our young people to have fun while learning and making impact.
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