Hello Rockstar!

This is an opportunity to let the world know the great stuff you are made of. You are invited to participate in the maiden edition of Eko Robotics Championship being held on 26th March, 2022, where you will get a chance to showcase your technical skills and compete in a team, against other teams.

All ERC participants will be required to compete in teams and each participating team falls under one of three categories based on age bracket: Junior (ages 7 - 10), targeting Elementary School students; Intermediate (ages 11 - 16), targeting Hich School students and Senior (ages 17 - 23), targeting students of Tertiary Institutions.

For senior teams, the competition process and stages are summarized in the following list:
  1. Register: A team lead is required to register on the ERC website on/before 30th of June, 2021
  2. Create team:The registered team lead is required to create a team on the ERC dashboard and submit basic information about each team member.
  3. Submit project proposal: The registered team is required to submit a detailed proposal on their ERC dashboard.
  4. Proposal review: All submitted proposals will be reviewed by the ERC panel of judges in a virtual interview session between 1st and 9th of July 2021 and 6 teams will be selected and given a go-ahead to build their proposed project within a specified period of time. Selection will be based on the proposal’s originality, novelty, creativity, project significance and documentation.
  5. Compete: The selected teams will be given an opportunity to showcase their robots at the finals in Lagos on 1st of October.

General and specific rules governing all Senior teams include:
  1. Participants cannot be a member of more than one team.
  2. A team must have 3 - 5 members and each member must fall within the age bracket of 17 - 23.
  3. All proposed projects must fall under the definitions of a robot and ERC2021 theme: Smart Cities, to be given a consideration.
  4. The total cost of building a proposed robot must not exceed N200,000.
  5. Project proposals must be detailed and include information like the problem statement, design methodology and development cost breakdown.
  6. Prizes:
    • First place: $5000
    • Second place: $3000
    • Third place: $1000

Registration for senior teams is currently open and will remain open till 30th June, 2021.
We look forward to receiving your applications.
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